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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 8, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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and of course britain. i spoke to one man, alasdair mackie from surrey, whose great uncle, william george robertson, fought and died here in 1918. i've only received this recently, and that's my great uncle on the right there. wow — he actually really does look like you, doesn't he? and there is something about him... yeah. his name was william george robertson. he was born in leslie in fife. the war started, and he signed up straightaway. he enlisted in the medical services. then he was moved to the artillery, in december 1917. his unit, the second brigade, were involved in the battle of amiens. so do you know what he was doing, today, the 8th of august, 100 years ago? well, he started the day behind the lines a bit. i picture this big 18—inch gun, a team of eight men serving that gun, and my great uncle there — the artillery units would almost have to leapfrog each other, just to keep up with the advancing troops. because that was the thing. they took so much ground so quickly.
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he survived the battle of amiens. it was a short battle, but it wasn't very long before he died. so he was in a bivouac, 20th august, hadn't got up yet, and he was killed instantly by a german shell coming in. of course, his last letter he wrote home on 11th august, so after the main battle had started, and just over a week before he was killed. "guess i'll drop a note now to let you know that i'm jake—alloo and feeling real good." he then goes on to say he was "awful busy for a few days before the show started. "but i'll need to wait to tell you when i next get back." and it was written virtually 100 years ago to the day? indeed, in the heat of battle. what is it about your great uncle that makes you so interested in his life and what happened to him, and makes you want to be here today? i come from a very small family, so there aren't many of us to think about him. there's only really me that is left that has... not a memory of him, because i obviously didn't know him, butjust that connection with him and that time, because when i
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started doing the research i was actually younger than he was when he was killed, and now i'm obviously much older than he was and that connection‘s just always there. it's very personal. alasdair mackie. he's just one of the many descendants who were here today clutching photographs and medals of their relatives — many of whom gave their lives at amiens. it proved to be the battle that marked the beginning of the end of world war i. from amiens cathedral on this day of commemoration, it is back to you. thank you. that's it. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. have a very good night. welcome to bbc london news.
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i'm alex bushill. homeowners whose properties will be demolished to make way for the high—speed rail link hs2 say they have been ripped off and may now face bankruptcy. in affected areas like harefield on the outskirts of london there's anger and anxiety. in response, the company behind the high speed rail link — say it's a complex process and takes time. 0ur political editor tim donovan reports. it's going to go straight through the house. ron's home is a 16th century farmhouse, but the plan is for a viaduct here, taking the rail line over a nearby lake. it's always been a part of my life. in fact, the whole lane has been a part of my life. my family have lived in this lane coming up 100 years, you know. the prospect of losing it? hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. peaty‘s dominace in the pool continues winning his third gold at the european games. tim duckoworth was hoping to add to britains medal tally, leading heading into tonight's final two events in the decathlon.. and away from the european championships — courtois bids farewell to chelsea. hello and welcome to
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sportsday, i'm john watson. yes welcome along. of the 15 golds won by great britain at the european championships, adam peaty now has three of them. he produced another record—breaking performance in the pool to take another gold, this time in the men's 50 metre breastroke. meanwhile grace reid and ross haslam took silver in the mixed synchronised 3 metre springboard. natalie pirks wraps up the main talking points on day seven from glasgow. adam peaty that has not already been said? here's a man that seems to thrive on this spotlight, and of course as the world and european champion in the 50 metre breaststroke, these spotlight was on him, but he as usual when to gold in supreme him, but he as usual when to gold in supreme fashion. nobody seemed to be able to touch him. he has already
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broken the record in the 100 meter breaststroke, but this was the event any commonwealth games when he was any commonwealth games when he was an ex—that diddley to gold. beating that four—year unbeaten record that he had been carrying for years. this was not a world record. he has already got ten overs, don't forget. it was a championship record. is still not rested on his laurels. chin up, chest down, get a mass is, absorb it, but not too much. my emotional level is going to come back down to neutral. three in three golds, yes, it's good. o'connor is the silver medallist in the medley, but world champion and olympic champion and european champion, tim a lwa ys champion and european champion, tim always seems to be just one step ahead of her, and today she was too strong for her again. she was active
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force, but she pulled her way back to claim the gold, and u nfortu nately, to claim the gold, and unfortunately, the 0'connor, she finished a disappointing fourth. she said life goes on, we go again, but she said she put all of her heart into it and she has no legs left today. so it brilliant gold for her. in edinburgh, a mixed day in the diving pool. a brilliant silver, actually, any synchro pair. the grace reid and ross hassan. it was only the second time exactly competed together, but a poor but ultimate dive from their opponents meant that she could not defend her european title, and she ended up finishing a disappointing fifth. tomorrow, focus turns the beautiful shores of loch lomond, where two—time 0lympic silver medallist, jazz carlin, a likely switch sports. she will going in the ten kate open water swim, but there is a very
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strong field including the world champion and olympic champion. she will have her work cut out. yes, plenty more action to come on day eight. after a superb performances from dina asher smith and zharnel hughes yesterday, there were hopes of further british success in athletics today with tim duckworth leading the decathlon heading into tonight's final two events, the javelin and the 1500 metres. ade adedoyin was watching on, trackside in berlin. well, you have got to feel put him duckworth who led the most of the decathlon competition. he was in second place going into the final event, but then fell back into that position in the 1500 metres. here is that a the all—time list in britain. it was only his first major championships, and it was a huge learning experience, and he did welcome a personal best, and bra cewell welcome a personal best, and bracewell in the next three years, while championships and olympic games. it was a personal record, i knew that i was going to drop, so i
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can't complain. the first day was not very good, the second day was not very good, the second day was not very good, but can't complain... matthew hudson—smith looked very impressive in the qualification. he is that with 50 metres to go, looking left and looking right, then crossing the line, beating his chest and raising his fingers up in the air. he is the fastest man in this field. he will go head—to—head in the 400 metres... ad and generally is through to the two final. the world champion is the man to beat in that event. she let very impressive in her qualifications for the wider metres hurdle vinyls, and all three businessmen british women in —— british women in the 800 metres through. tax it there in ireland where the athletics are being —— our correspondence there in
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berlin where the athletics are being staged. it is of course a new look european championships, seven sports all running alongside each other, and that includes golf which started today at gleneagles. it's a team matchplay format and the new british open champion georgia hall who is 22, is paired with with the four—time major winner and legend of the game dame laura davis, who is 54. they won their first group match 5 and 4 against spain. the pair clearly pleased to see golf included in these championships. all the other sports, golf to be involved in that, it feels a bit like a involved in that, it feels a bit likea mini involved in that, it feels a bit like a mini 0lympics, which is what iam sure like a mini 0lympics, which is what i am sure the athletes think, it is nice bedroom, this is a huge event, and it would be nice if over the next few years, this grows and golf becomes a major part of this. and the u, georgia, what was it like to be introduced? it was a very special. it is the first time i have heard that, so, no, it was great. i had a lot of fun today. hopefully i can do well in the next couple of days. with the premier league transfer window closing at five o'clock tomorrow afternoon,
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chelsea have agreed to sell their belgian goalkeeper thibaut courtois to real madrid. the deal is subject to the player agreeing personal terms and passing a medical with the european champions. courtois missed training with the blues this week as he looked to push through a move away from teh club. the blues have already brought in his replacment, the 23—year—old spaniard kepa arrizabalaga who has signed on a seven year deal. the fee is believed to be a world record for a keeper, in the region of £72 million. celtic must score in their second leg of tehir third champions league qualifying round against aek athens next tuesday if they're to reach the group stage. it's after they were held to a one all draw at home. callum mcgregor getting the opening goal for celtic early in the first half. viktor klonaridis was on target for the visitors just before half time.. aek were then reduced to ten men. 1—1 the final score. the second test between england and india gets underway at lords tomorrow.
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england are 1—0 up in the five match series after a thrilling win in the first test at edgbaston last week — but that's not stopped them from making changes, as patrick gearey reports. batsman like policemen are getting younger, it seems. meet the latest plaything and, ollie pope, 20, honestly. england have seen enough in only this dean matches, to call them up in place of davit manoyan. —— dawid malan. them up in place of davit manoyan. -- dawid malan. really excited to see him go out there and be himself and be exactly as he has done in the championship. they are shuffling a winning pack. england triumphed in a scintillating finished to an enthralling first test at edgbaston. ben stokes, their hero, is in court. india were driven to the point of
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victory by their captain virat kohli, 200 runs in the match, but he does not believe he is carrying too many passengers. it is unfortunate that we have not been able to cross the line and be so close, that is what we are looking at, why we did not cross the line. it doesn't matter... whoever in the batting order, as long as we crossed the line, that is the only thing that matters. this week, cricket's coming home, but what happens in this they must hold ground of the next few days could be crucial for this intriguing series. and finally in the last few minutes super league side wigan warriors have announced that the wales rugby union defence coach shaun edwards is to be their new coach — joining the club after next year's rugby world cup injapan.
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edwards will see out his contract with the welsh rugby union to next year... as a possible replacement for paul gustard at england that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to tomorrow's papers. whitney adi guardian's political correspondent and michael from westminster. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the guardian ‘s buses with the fall in the pound, and it fears that britain is facing a no—deal brexit. the financial times leads on saudi arabia selling
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canadian assets after the country criticised the arrest of a female activist. the express reports claims that rising energy bills could put lives at risk after british gas announced an increase of almost 4%. the metro shows a nurse scolded by a patient, highlighting the dangers facing front line nhs staff. the telegraph has scottish conservative lead, ruth davidson, condemning the borisjohnson burqa lead, ruth davidson, condemning the boris johnson burqa comments, lead, ruth davidson, condemning the borisjohnson burqa comments, saying that wearing one is no different wearing a crucifix the mirror also leaves with the borisjohnson remarks, and pressure is increasing on the foreign secretary after more than a dozen tories spoke at against them. so, without we have a real mixture of front pages, there. and let's start with the story that is ona let's start with the story that is on a lot of the front pages, not surprisingly, of course, the daily telegraph, which carried his
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original comments, and jessica, picking up on the comments from ruth davidson? yes. i don't think conservative headquarters would be pleased to see how long this story has gone on, and mounting criticism, including from ruth davidson, seeing as one of the party's bright young prospects, and she is very scathing about boris johnson, but prospects, and she is very scathing about borisjohnson, but she uses a bitter perhaps controversial comparison, she says that she wouldn't criticise, or have a debate in the daily telegraph about whether someone should wear a crucifix, so why should you have a similar debate about whether someone can wear a burqa. i think that people can properly understand the point that she is trying to make. you should not be able to tell women what a well anyone what to wear, but boris johnson wasn't actually arguing that, he was saying that he thought it should... he thought it should be discouraged. but i think that maybe these comments from ruth davidson will then take the row a


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